..... Bogan waxad ka daalacan kartaa warar iyo wacaal sugan oo ku saabsan J.Somaliland iyo Caalamka kale ........."Ha Jirto Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland Oo Ha Joogto Waligeed"........

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Moving the goalposts; DPW-Berbera (Somaliland)

- East Africa is a region of complexity and opportunity, as Felicity Landon finds out. It’s not easy to achieve a snapshot of what’s happening in East Africa – mainly because politics, economics, corruption, borders and the lasting impact of conflict combine to keep the goalposts moving and investment plans uncertain.
However, the region is attracting investment – earlier this year, for example, DP World signed an agreement to develop the multipurpose Port of Berbera in Somaliland, with the aim that the port should "achieve its potential for becoming a regional trade and logistics hub", according to the operato. The group already has operations in Djibouti, where it operates the Doraleh terminal, as well as in Mozambique.

Famine in Somalia: Competing Imperatives, Collective Failures, 2011-12

- On Wednesday 19 October 2016, the Rift Valley Forum and the University of Hargeysa’s Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) hosted a public forum to discuss the key findings of the book, Famine in Somalia: Competing Imperatives, Collective Failures, 2011-12. The book, written by Dan Maxwell and Nisar Majid, is based on extensive research on the 2011–2012 drought that affected Somalia and the region. Previously launched in Nairobi under the Rift Valley Forum, the Hargeysa forum attracted national and foreign academics, expatriates, post-graduate students and government officials.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Worcestershire MEP backing Somaliland's bid for "re-recognition"

- A WORCESTER-BASED UKIP politician has spoken of his visit to Somaliland speaking to desperate people. James Carver, an MEP representing the West Midlands, visited the autonomous region of Somaliland earlier this month to help reignite its bid for "re-recognition".
Mr Carver, UKIP's Commonwealth spokesman, has used his position in the European Parliament to try and lobby for the region to be recognised as a "state in its own right" by the international community.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ogaysiis: Ka Qayb-qaado "Petition-ka Ictiraafka J.Somaliland

- Dad-waynaha reer Somaliland ee degan dalkan UK, waxa la ogeysiinayaa in dardar gelinta Petition-kii aqoonsiga Somaliland ee uu diyaariyey saaxiibka reerr Somaliland, mudane xildhibaan Stephen Doughty, ay ka bilaabmi doonto maalinta sabtida ah ee ay Bishan October tahay 29, 2016 dhammaan magaalooyinka waaweyn ee UK. Haddaba waxa la xusuusinayaa dadweynaha reer Somaliland ee degan UK, inay fursad dahabiga ah ay codkooda ugu hiiliyaan qadiyada dalkeena: 

Waqtigu waa  10:00 subaxnimo  illaa 6:00 galabnimo

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Saudi Arabia’s KS-Relief Supports IOM Somaliland’s Yemen Response

Saudi Arabia - With support from Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KS-Relief), IOM is building up the institutional capacity of immigration and coastguard officials in Somaliland who are at the forefront of the humanitarian response to help thousands of migrants and refugees fleeing the conflict in Yemen.
The support includes an eight-day training workshop for 30 immigration and coastguard officers – monitored by five senior government officials – which kicked off on 22 October 2016. The selected coastguard officials work in Zailac, Hargeisa, Maydh, and Berbera. The immigration officers are based in Hargeisa and Berbera.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Somaliland hopes Brexit will pave way for UK to grant international recognition

As Berbera port deal opens global trade gateway, Somaliland optimistic that freedom from EU policy will allow Britain to acknowledge self-declared state Britain’s looming departure from the EU may be a fraught issue at home, yet in one corner of the Horn of Africa hopes are harboured of a very definite Brexitdividend. The government of Somaliland believes the impending split marks a pivotal moment, one that will free the UK to grant the self-declared state the international recognition it has been seeking for more than 25 years“I think Brexit will make it much easier for the British government to make up its mind,” said Somaliland’s foreign minister, Dr Saad Ali Shire.

Welcome to limbo: Somaliland, country that never was

- From the cave paintings at Laas Geel to striking colonial architecture, the people of this self-declared East African nation have good reason to be proud. It is well worth a visit, even if tourism infrastructure is lacking Rather surprisingly, as a Briton, I feel at home in Hargeisa, the ram­bunc­tious capital of Somaliland, a country that doesn’t legally exist. It is partly because the locals gather for tea and a slice of cake in the afternoon, but also because I find myself being hailed by Somalilanders with distinctly London accents. “What brings you here, mate? Good to see ya!” proclaims one returned diaspora man, leaning out of his car window.